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What Lipsticks Tones Make Your Smile Look Whitest?

What Lipsticks Tones Make Your Smile Look Whitest?

Sometimes you just can’t make it to the dentist to do a whitening procedure and simply don’t have time to use your at-home trays. If this is the case, why not make your teeth appear whiter with a quick application of lipstick. There are 5 shades of lipstick that can make your teeth appear up to 2 shades whiter! Just make sure you pick a shade with blue undertones as orange undertones can bring out an unwanted yellow appearance. Use lipstick tones to give you a whiter smile.

 Top 5 Shades of Lipstick to Make Teeth Appear Whiter and Brighter
1. Pale Pink – bright, shimmery pale pinks can bring out the natural whiteness in your smile.
2. Sheer Pink – glossy, pinks with a berry tint can enhance the brightness of your teeth.
3. Light Pink – matte rose shades with blue undertones will really make your smile pop.
4. Bright Pink – bubble gum or fuchsia color with an electric blue base will make your smile look dramatically whiter.
5. Bright Red – bold, opaque reds can make your teeth look 2 shades whiter.

Surviving Childbirth and Your Mother-in-law by Mothers-in-law Vent

How to Survive Childbirth and Your Mother-in-law

Tips for a Mother-In-Law about to become a Grandmother for the first time

Dear Mom/Mother-In-Law/Grandma to be:

You have successfully raised your own children and are excited to be a grandmother. You know what you are doing and you want to help. Just be careful to remember that this blessed event isn’t about you as a new Grandmother, it is about the new Mom and Baby (and OK the Daddy). While they need help, they also need space. They need time to bond, to establish their own routines and to gain confidence as parents.

Try to remember what it was like for you as a new mom – the exhaustion, the hormones, how vulnerable you felt. New moms are faced with an overwhelming amount of often contradictory advice from mothers, in-laws, sisters, friends, doctors and parenting books.

How did you feel when your Mother-In-Law visited for the birth of your children? What would you have liked her to do differently?

In sum, the best thing you can do is to offer help, bite your tongue, and wait until you are asked.Some (but few!) new Moms are quite relaxed and want their MIL to participate heavily. But, better to err on the side of caution and follow these hints:

  • Do not expect (nor ask) to be invited into the labor room, it is a private moment and many don’t feel comfortable sharing it with their Mother-In-Law. Your Daughter-In-Law might want her own mother in the room, and while this seems unfair, you need to respect her wishes during what is an emotionally charged time

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10 Things You Should Never Say to Grandkids by Denise Schipani

grandkids 10 Things You Should Never Say to Grandkids by Denise Schipani

1. “Your sister is better than you at [fill in the blank].”

Maybe you’re trying to motivate one grandchild to try harder, but pointing out her sibling’s Serena Williams-style tennis serve isn’t going to push her to ace her own next serve, says Jodi R. R. Smith, author of The Etiquette Book: The Complete Guide to Modern Manners. Children want their grandparents to be judgment-free cheerleaders.Better to say: If your grandchild asks if you think her sibling is better at something, you can say, “Yes, she’s good, so let her play tennis while you wow us on with your swimming,” or whatever her forte is. If she doesn’t ask, keep mum unless you’re saying how proud you are of, well, whatever she does.

2. “You’re my favorite grandchild.”

Huge oops. You may think you never say such a thing, but you might—in not so many words. Be careful of saying this or something like it even if you meant it as a playful joke, or in confidence. Kids talk to each other—and you want your grandchildren to trust you when you say you love them.

Better to say: Do I have to tell you? “You’re all number one with me!”

The Top 5 Grandparent Guilt Trips by Georgia Witkins

The Top 5 Grandparent Guilt Trips by Georgia Witkins

Easter 2013 070 (640x480) There is a Welsh saying: “Perfect love does not come along until the first grandchild.” Most grandparents say it’s absolutely true. Unfortunately, the thing that comes along right behind it is… guilt.

That’s because we’re human. We’re not perfect, yet we want to be — even more so for our grandchildren. But we can’t be perfect — so don’t even try. The Number One thing to keep in mind is that it’s our turn to enjoy the fun; it’s our turn to skip the midnight feedings and toilet training; and it’s our turn to kiss and hug and laugh and leave. So if you sometimes feel guilty about certain aspects of grandparenting, don’t give in and don’t give up. You can counteract it. Here’s what you need to know:

Guilt Trip 1: You Play Favorites

A British study recently found that one in six mothers admit that they have a favorite child, and close to 60 percent of our grandparents say they have a favorite grandchild — although they’ll never admit to it!

[bluebox dilemma]Sometimes the favorite is the very first grandchild. Sometimes it’s the only girl or the only boy. Sometimes the favorite is the one whose personality is most similar to the your own. Sometimes the favorite is the one who’s least similar to you.

So don’t feel guilty. Feeling like you have a favorite doesn’t make you a bad grandparent — it makes you human. Besides, you may recognize that one is funnier, one is more athletic, one is more easygoing, and so forth, but — and this is critical — you have to let them know that you love them all equally. And that’s the message for your children or grandchildren if they are accusing you of having a favorite… that they are all favorites in different ways! Let them know how they’re each special to you. Children love to feel special, and making them feel special in different ways is better than pretending that they are all special in the same way. They aren’t. And they know it.


Meals for My Mother-in-law from Parenting Miracles,net

My mother-in-law is coming in just a few short weeks! (Probably a good thing I resolved that bedroom issue, eh?) Anyhow, I’m so looking forward to seeing her again. It’s been almost eight months! Mothers-in-law really get a bad rap too often, I do believe. The French term for “mother-in-law” is “belle-mère“; with “belle” translating as “beautiful” and “mère” as “mother”, that’s a much lovelier way of looking at it now, isn’t it? I am planning the meals for my mother-in-law.

The last time she visited, my sweet mother-in-law paid me such a wonderful compliment when she revealed to my husband that, because of my good cooking and well-behaved children, she hadn’t had a bit of heartburn during her stay. I was so flattered! I also feel the need to live up to that reputation ;) . So, during this stay, here are ten things I want to be sure to make for her:

  1. Blueberry Cream Muffins — These are her favorite and somehow I neglected to bake them on her last visit here! Seriously, it is with these muffins that I “paid” her for watching my older two when I gave birth to my youngest.


How to Survive Traveling With In-laws by Matt Proctor

Traveling-with-the-Inlaws-can-be-Stressful How to Survive Traveling With In-laws


Ben Stiller Knows How it Feels to Survive Traveling with In-Laws

If Meet The Parents taught us anything, it’s that interacting with in-laws can be a nerve-wracking (or even disastrous) experience. The traditional negative thoughts associated with spending time with in-laws are not always true, of course, and many people get along very well with their new family members. Even so, if you’re planning on traveling with in-laws, you might want to consider some of these helpful tips for keeping things running smoothly.

Travel Together but Give Each Other Space

Even if you get along well with the in-laws, you don’t want to be with them for every waking moment. And chances are, you don’t want to spend the entire trip with your in-laws. The key to having a successful trip with them is to spend enough time with them, but not too much time with them.

Try to plan some alone time with your husband or wife, like taking a day trip together or having a private breakfast date. This will allow you to spend quality time together away from their family and give you a little break to truly relax! In general, you should plan to have at least one meal together with everyone, but break up into groups for other activities throughout the day. Try spending time with the family members you don’t know as well, or trying a new activity on a “double date” with your husband/wife and their parents.