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Take This Test: What Is Your Mother-in-law Personality by Kristen Sturt

What Kind of Mother-in-Law (MIL) Are You?

Do you hug your in-laws, or are handshakes your thing? Do you roll up your sleeves, or do you lay off a little? Is your parenting style warm-n-fuzzy, fun-n-games, or something else entirely?

What kind of mother-in-law are you?
Take our personality test and find out! Use a pen and paper to record your answers as you go along. At the end, discover your MIL type.

1. It’s your daughter-in-law’s (DIL’s) birthday! You:

A) Send a flowery greeting card signed, “With love, Sherry.”

B) Take her to Unlimited Margarita Night at Friday’s, your treat.
C) Watch the kids so she can catch the new Sandra Bullock movie.
D) Insist she come to your place – an hour away, on a Tuesday – for your famous red velvet cake.

2. Your five-year-old granddaughter is undersized for her age. You:

A) Bring it up to your son at the next holiday gathering.

B) Get permission to pay for gymnastics classes, where her size is an asset.
C) Start cooking! Kids love mac and cheese, and her parents could use a break from the stove.
D) Find a nutritionist and have her call your daughter with tips.


Ain’t Your Mama’s Slaw

I tried this slaw recipe Father’s Day weekend. It turned out great. It is easy to make and very good.
Ain’t Your Mama’s Slaw
1 pkg.  (12 oz.) broccoli slaw
1 cup  red pepper strips
1 cup  chopped fresh pineapple
1/3 cup  dried cranberries
1/4 cup  chopped red onions
1/3 cup  KRAFT Zesty Italian Dressing
1tsp brown sugar
1/3cup PLANTERS Sliced Almonds, toasted

   Make It

 COMBINE first 5 ingredients in large bowl.

MIX dressing and sugar until blended.  Add to salad; toss to coat.

REFRIGERATE 1 hour.  Add nuts just before serving; mix lightly.

to get the full recipe visit

10 Cool Factory Tours to Do With Grandchildren by By Stewart Coerver

10 Cool Factory Tours to Do With Grandchildren

Here is 10 Cool Factory Tours to Do With Your Children and Grandchildren. There are ones that may be close and ones that may be across the country from you. Check out these for the summer.

This article on 10 Cool Factory Tours will give you ideas for one day trips as well as over night trips. Check out the tours below:
Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour – Everett, Wash. Take your grandchildren to see the construction of the majestic behemoths of the sky. Boeing’s 747, 767, 777, and 787 Dreamliner planes are so big that they have to be manufactured in this mindbendingly, gigantic structure. Guides fill your imagination with all manner of whopping statistics and impressive facts about jumbo jet production. Children under four feet tall are not permitted.
The Crayola FactoryEaston, Penn. member gagacindy recommended this family favorite. While it’s not actually a working factory, you and your grandchildren will still see crayons and markers produced right (write!) before your eyes. And that’s just the beginning. More than a dozen interactive exhibits feature fun and educational activities. Draw on the walls, use sidewalk chalk on the floors, and let your imagination run wild.
Hershey’s Chocolate World (pictured above) – Hershey, Penn. At this candy wonderland, that gagacindy also recommended, visitors go through a simulated factory tour to see how the sweet stuff is made. The entire town of Hershey is a chocolate celebration — chocolate-kiss covered lights line the streets and the delicious smell of chocolate is in the air. Visit Hershey Park, the city’s famous amusement park, get pampered at the Spa at Hotel Hershey, and learn everything you wanted to know about the cocoa bean.

9 Ways to Save On Gas This Summer by Marcy Black


If you’ve gone to the pumps lately, then you know that gas prices aren’t dropping. And according to AAA, no one knows just where they’re headed. But today, holding fast at $3.69 per gallon, gas is still anything but cheap, especially if you’re planning on hitting the road this summer. To save more at the pumps, try these tips.1. Prepare yourself. Before you go, keep a close eye on gas prices at home, along your route, and at your final destination. AAA offers an online Fuel Gauge Report that lets you track gas prices across the country. By plugging in your vehicle’s model and year, and your start point and destination, the Fuel Cost Calculator tallies up how much gas will cost you before you turn the key in the ignition.2. Drive a car that gets more miles per gallon. An SUV may hold an entire T-ball team, but it can be a gas hog. A small sedan, on the other hand, is far more fuel-efficient, seats five, and can hold more in its trunk than you might think possible. Small grandkids won’t mind the back seat, and older ones might chant a few choruses of “He’s touching me!” but you’ll all arrive at your destination with a few more dollars in your wallet.