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What Does Mother’s Day Cards Say Exactly by Lynn Autry





When the cards do not come, children have other plans and the gift doesn’t show, what does that say about you as a mom. What does getting a  Mother’s Day Cards say exactly? Do they say you were a mother who sacrificed and served her family? We wait and expect so much for what is said on Mother’s Day through cards or gifts. What happens to the Mom who does not get Mother’s Day cards? Does that discount what she has done as a mom, of course not. How can one day hold so much value as your and my worth as a mom? If you listen to the commercials, children who value their mom send cards, gifts and visit on Mother’s Day or at least send a card.

We have 364 days of expecting the perfect Mother’s Day with all our children coming to see the mom they love, giving her a beautiful card full of nice words that make up for all the things they have blamed her for, and a nice gift(not expensive but that is ok). We move from wanting it to feeling like we deserve it. We have moved pass the mom who willing changed all those diapers, loss sleep over a sick child, gave up having two cars for braces, and worked on countless school projects to selfishly demanding something in her heart.

As a mom we move pass what we want to what is best for someone else. We move pass what we want to what someone else wants. God uses motherhood to work out all those selfish and self-centered desires that feel our being. He helps us get pass it being all about me days to being all about someone else or a lot of someone else’s. On Mother’s Day, I remember what God has taught me through motherhood and what God has given me instead of expecting what Hallmark says I should be getting. A card does not define who I am, God does. For a mom who has not gotten any Mother’s Day cards some years from her children, I have to decide to not let that tell me what kind of a Mother I am.

Part of a mom is being unselfish so remember that on Mother’s Day. Choose to do these things: 1) Take what you have and enjoy it. If you have some children there, enjoy the children and grandchildren that are there instead of being disappointed over your children who were not there. Believe me I have cried and cried over the ones that were not there instead of enjoying the ones that were there. 2) If you do not have children to come, invest time in someone else who may be lonely on Mother’s Day. 3) Take a one day trip and enjoy the day 4) Do not watch the Hallmark channel and let it pour on the self-pity. 5) Remember you cannot see the big picture with your children. They may would have came if they could. 6) Go to church with someone whose children did not also come. 7) Let your husband off the hook. It is not his fault, your Mother’s Day was not what you had expected. 8) If you know ahead of time what your day will be like, plan ahead of that day to make it a wonderful rewarding day. 9) Ask God to make your Mother’s Day what He wants it to be like.

God has given us the blessing of motherhood. When our adult children leave or grow up so to speak, we pour so much energy in believing our Mother’s Day should be filled with cards, gifts, and appreciation. When our children are adults that may not happen, and we are left with disappointed Mother’s Days. I have made huge mistakes on this one. I pray you will not make my mistakes. If your children are not all there or not any are there, do not let that define you as a mom or ruin your Mother’s Day. Enjoy your day that God has given you, we don’t know how many we will have so don’t miss a one.