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Problems with Happiness?






Problems with Happiness
Does problems determine your happiness? To be truthful, I have let problems determine my emotions. We all have problems. We all lose loved ones. We all deal with illness at some point in our life. Some of us share problems with children, finances, jobs and church. I could go on and on about problems we share. How can we be happy in the midst of our problems? How are other people happy with all the problems they have? Several years ago, I allowed problems to drive me into depression. I was trying to handle them all by myself. Which is the enemy’s plan by the way. It was not until I realized that God was my only hope to pull me out of the pit I was in that things started to change. When I realized that I needed Him and His Word to survive then and only then did God begin to heal my heart. When healing started, forgiveness and freedom followed. Between 2001-2003, I learned how to be happy in the midst of my problems. God was the key. God is always the key. He unlocked my mess and opened up happiness in the midst of my problems. Problems didn’t disappear but ugly parts of me did. A trade from God.