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Perfect Family

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Perfect. What is perfect? According to the dictionary, perfect is having all the required elements, qualities and characteristics. Perfect is having it all together. Many times, it may be hinted at or downright said your family is not perfect or my family is perfect but yours is not. A family is made up of people, right? So, when we judge a family as perfect, we are judging the people as well. What makes people perfect? Some would say that size makes up a perfect person. They must be not to tall and not too short. Medium makes us the perfect size. People would say that each person is perfect if they are the perfect weight. Whoever knows what that is.

We are back to this word perfect as a family. I had five children. More times than I could count we were told our family was too large so more than two is not perfect by some. What other elements make up the perfect person? Some would say characteristics like kindness, truthfulness, caring, patient, forgiving and loving are attached to perfect people.

A Perfect family is made up of people that always do the right things. They know what to say when you are happy and they know what to say when you are sad. They always act in a way that is pleasing to everyone. They never get into trouble. They were not the ones with the speeding ticket or the ones sitting in the car with the police lights flashing.

In our Bible, we do not see perfect people or perfect families. Families are made up of varied sizes. People in the families of our Bible are very human. David loved God but we know of the big mistakes that David and members of his family made.

Instead of getting hung up on perfect in each other’s family, we need instead strive to be Christ-like. Here’s the thing. When we decide which families are perfect, we do not know all the insides of that family. We set us up as the judge of this simple word perfect. I think the reason God so let us see the insides of families in the Bible was to help us realize we will make mistakes and that is OK. God has taught me many valuable lessons along the way through our imperfections. This Mom knows all too well my family is not perfect but that helps me gives Grace to other families who struggle through issues with theirs. So, I will take my family that doesn’t have it all together and be so thankful for the lessons He has taught us along the way. Let’s just say the perfect family isn’t all it is pretended to be.


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