Uninvited Guests


 The Uninvited Guests in Matthew 22
Do you feel uninvited sometimes? Do you have the awkward times when you were part of a group and now you are not? In,  Matthew 22, we have the story of the Wedding Feast. The King had invited guests to a wedding banquet for his son. The excitement of who was going to be invited was spreading through the area. Would it be the baker or the best horseman in the area? The guests had received special hand-written invitations. They had been hand delivered right to their door. After they received the invitations, they all decided to refuse to come. This King wanted the best gala event for his son, so he had special new invitations made and hand delivered. He instructed the servants to tell of all the wonderful things that would be at the banquet. Still they decided to go their own way.
The King had tried to have the considered best people at his son’s wedding. We can be fooled by what the best is. What looked like the best on the outside was not the best on the inside. The King sent his servants out into the streets to invite anyone they could find to come. I could have been in the street and one of the people who were wanting to be invited to the wedding banquet. I would have had my hand up saying “Pick me, pick me.” I would not have been one of the original special invited quests because I did not get a special invitation. The original invited guests were counted unworthy to come to the banquet because they had refused multiple times to accept the invitations. 
All of us in the streets were invited to the wedding banquet because we were counted worthy to come to the wedding banquet. We did not have special clothes or positions. We just said “Yes” to the invitations. That was what mattered. We were ready to leave our streets and houses and go to see the King. Sadly, too many times we have sin like bitterness, anger, pride, unforgiveness and others as mothers-in-law or daughters-in-law that keep us from accepting the invitation. We are counts us worthy to be invited. He invited me and took care of everything else. The King took care of what I needed for the wedding. He has clothed me with a robe of righteousness. (Is. 61:10)  Christ found this scared fearful girl in the streets and Praise God  He invited me in. “For many are invited, but few are chosen” Matthew 22:14. Make sure you do not miss your invitation to see the King. He gives out invitations every day. 

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