About Us

Meet Our Founder and Teacher- Lynn Autry

In many respects Lynn’s life has been a not-so-sensational string of occurrences strangely similar to many other Southern lasses.  An only child developing in a home from which grew multiple family businesses meant long hours at work and few at play.  Family owned and operated businesses often thrust responsibility on people at tender ages and that was the case for Lynn.  Assistant manager and accountant by age fourteen shortened adolescence and quickened adulthood.  But this story has been told hundreds of times just with different faces and names.
As is so often the case, the back story is the real story.  Life is not so much about what you achieve but about what you overcome.  Behind the clean glass showcase windows of the family business and the fresh scrubbed Sunday go-to-meetin’ stereotypes lurked incredible amount of fear.  In our desire for palatable language, we call it a dysfunctional family.  Dysfunction permits us a way of describing something without describing it.  People get enough of what we mean without us delving into details.  Call it dysfunction or whatever moniker you desire – it wasn’t desirable for Lynn.
Lynn’s life is one of grace – the kind of grace that reaches down and draws you out while leaving you in.  Grace isn’t always deliverance from.  Sometimes it’s deliverance through.  Across the years she has learned to sing “grace my fears relieved.”  Strength has supplanted struggle and forgiveness has trumped the cold stillness of perpetual regret.  Lynn’s grace is unquestionably “Amazing.”
Three decades as a pastor’s wife making a home in four states while birthing and bringing up five children will do worlds for accelerating your faith and faithfulness.  She has done about everything one can do in a church except play the piano.  Her resume includes care giver, preschool division director and Vacation Bible School director on the church, associational and state levels but her real passion is involving women in Bible study. Lynn transparently tells a tale of numerous disappointments and even depression but of God’s robust faithfulness to correct the course of life.  You will be inspired (and maybe convicted) as she opens up about the rescuing and radicalizing power of the Word of God in women’s lives.
Lynn is the wife of Dr. Rodney F. Autry, Senior Pastor of Union Baptist Church in Hayes, Virginia.  They have five grown children and three incredibly wonderful grandchildren.  She holds a degree in Finance and Management from Shorter University.