Crossing Barriers to Victory

Who has barriers in your way today? We all do if we are honest. Mark Batterson has written an awesome book called, “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”. He brings to life in many of our lives the life of Benaiah. As I was reading this verse, I thought of barriers he had to cross that day as well as barriers we all must cross each day. “There was also Benaiah (son of Jehoiada), a heroic soldier from Kabzeel. Benaiah killed two giants, sons of Ariel of Moab. Another time he went down into a pit and, despite the slippery snow on the ground, took on a lion that was caught there and killed it.” (2 Samuel 23:20 TLB) If you are like me, when it snows I want to be at home just watching it come down. This soldier was not sitting in his tent watching it snow. He was ready for what was in his way to victory. This verse lists barriers in Benaiah’s way. Despite the barriers he took on a lion. He did not look at the past in his life and how the snow had hindered him before. No, he stepped on the snow and moved forward. We looked at the past difficulties and think there is no way I am moving forward. We let unforgiveness or bitterness keep up from moving forward in life. Failures in the past often bring fears in the present. We allow failures in relationships keep us in the tent. We look at the past problems and move the hurt feelings to other people. Benaiah was not thinking of the past only the present.

Benaiah had snow that was slippery that day. The snow had frozen and was easy to slide on. He could have thought about falling and getting hurt before he even made it to the lion. Instead he charged out into the snow and ice and was going to take on what was in his path. We look at our present situation and are afraid of what might happen if we say this or do this. What will they think? How will they react. We are afraid of failing again.  We let what hindered us in the past hinder us in the present. There have been many times I have slid on ice in a car and on my feet. Instead of staying in when I need to go out, I am careful of my surrounding and just move forward. In relationships there are failures and difficulties. Moving forward gives us victories in the midst of failures.

Benaiah had barriers in front of him. He could have let his barriers defeat him in his mind before he even went out. He chose to step on his barriers and move forward. If he fell, he would just get up. If he got hurt, he would just deal with it and move on. He had a lion waiting on him. The snow and ice were nothing compared to the lion. God had given him a victory. He had to cross the barriers to get to the victory. The past could not stop him unless he let it. The present could not stop him unless he let it. His future had victory.

God has given us a victory. We have barriers to cross. There are barriers in our past that could get in the way of our future victory. We must cross them and move on. We have barriers in our present. Are you going to step across the barriers and move to the lion? Our lion and victory are waiting so don’t bog down in the barriers. Choose to move pass the barriers to your victory.





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