expectations 1


Have you ever let your expectations take away your joy and give you heartbreak instead? If you are honest, you would have to say “yes”. Many times over the years my expectations not being met has sent me into heartbreak. Yesterday was another one of those days. I turned 60 yesterday. We went and had a nice lunch. I tried to make something small happen yesterday afternoon to celebrate my birthday. It didn’t happen and I spend the evening alone. Sadly to say, I let my unmet expectations give me heartbreak. God has a way of comforting us during those times like no other. God also has a way of bringing me back to reality when Satan wants me to center on the lies he sends into my thoughts. For some of you, I am a little to honest for you. This is a mother-in-law that is very real and struggles with real issues just like many of you. When you have unmet expectations on special days or any days, the best way to actually bring your thoughts into check is to get into the study of God’s Word. So this morning I was back into my study of Gideon, God used Gideon’s weaknesses just like God can use mine. As Mothers and Mothers-in-law, expectations can be an ever present struggle for all of us. To have expectations is to be human. If we are going to keep them in check, we are going to need to input God’s truth each day. For me, it is a necessity and for you as well. Join me in keeping those thoughts and expectations in check each day with God’s Word.

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