Stuck in the Middle by Lynn Autry


stuck in the middle




Stuck in the Middle

Who likes being in the middle? Middle children complain about being in the middle. We definitely do not want to be in the middle of arguments or fights. We tend to like the beginnings and endings. We tend to want to rush through the middle of a good book to get to the end.

In the story of Mary and Martha in John 11, these two women found themselves stuck in the middle. They started their day with just a sick brother as they carried out their day. They had the normal cooking, cleaning, washing and caring for a sick brother. When Lazarus became progressively worst, it was time to call for Jesus. He did make house calls. Jesus made the decision to wait and then Lazarus died. These women found themselves struck in the middle. Their day had began like a normal day with their brother and now he was dead. Jesus had not came to change their circumstances. They were in the middle.

We have relationships that seem to start out great and then one day bam. The relationship will seemingly take a turn for the worst. Something will happen or not happen to make the relationship stall out. We find ourselves stuck in the middle. The middle is when doubts pour in and we want to hear a word from God to carry on. The middle is when a relationship with a daughter-in-law is put on hold. The middle is when someone close quits talking and you don’t know why. The middle is when a loved one is told she has cancer or a child rebels against God.  Mary and Martha did not know anything to do but continue through their day and wait.  When we are in the middle of relationships that have stalled out, we have to continue our normal activity and wait.

In John 11:14-15, “Then Jesus became explicit: “Lazarus died. And I am glad for your sakes that I wasn’t there. You’re about to be given new grounds for believing. Now let’s go to him.”(The Message) The relationship now is dead but keep looking around the corner. Christ is going to give you new grounds for believing while you are in the middle. It is easy to stall out emotionally in the middle. Thomas told Jesus for them to  go and die with him. When relationships look bleak, it is easy to throw in the towel and quit. As Thomas said, “we might as well die with him.” It is easy to want to just quit and let the relationship die. Jesus says in the middle is when I give you new belief. How awesome is that. Mary and Martha were in the middle but Jesus was going to give them new belief.

In the midst of this new belief that is right pass the middle, Jesus intends to show us who He is. Jesus told Martha, “I am, the resurrection and the life. The middle is not just about ending or pain. It is about believing in Jesus and looking to him for what He is going to teach us. Mary and Martha had already decided to believe in Jesus so in the middle of their pain and death, they could wait on their belief that Jesus was coming. Jesus was coming to give them the assurance that if they believed in Him they would live and have eternal life. He was coming to show them the glory of God. He was coming  for their faith to flourish. Jesus comes to us in the middle to give us life and belief in the middle.

Instead of looking at the middle negatively, which is easy to do. Look for the new ground for believing that God is giving you. Look for who He is and watch the glory unfold in your life. Being stuck in the middle is not all bad. There is a ending that you do not want to miss. There will be a day with no more middles, pain and tears. God has the perfect ending to every middle we have. Just hang in there through the middle, there is more believing for you.

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