When Are the Wedding Photos?

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When Are the Wedding Photos?

With five adult children and four of the children married, I have had a little bit of experience with wedding photos. Four of my five children are boys, so I have had the experience as Mom of the Bride and Mom of the Groom and as a bride myself. My experience starts as a bride in 1977 and runs through the experience of being the Mom of the Groom in 2017. Let’s just say all the experiences are totally different.

As a couple getting married, Rodney, my mother and I were trying to plan the perfect wedding including the photos (within budget that is). Rodney and I scheduled a new photographer that was starting out in photography. He was new, good and cheap which was a great combination for us. On the day of the wedding, he took photos during the wedding and all the couple and group photos right after the wedding while our guests went on to the reception. After the honeymoon, we went and looked at the photos. We picked what we wanted and then showed the proofs to all the parents. The parents decided what they wanted to buy, and we decided what we would give as gifts to family. Everything seemed to work out perfectly.

When my children started getting married, the issue of photos took different turns. I expected everyone to know what was going to take place. That was not always the case. I expected everything with photos to work out perfectly. That was not always the case either. I have learned that many times the key to life is being flexible. This goes with weddings also. To protect everyone and to keep me from getting in too much trouble with family, I will share the experiences without names and without being in order.

One of my experiences as a Mom with photos for a wedding started with asking questions. Who is going to take pictures? When were they taking group photos? A professional wedding photographer was hired to take all the photos. Group photos would be taken at different points of the day. We were going to be given a wedding photo and could also purchase photos from the photographer. The big day arrived. I had a camera ready, so I could take some photos before and after the wedding. I do recommend taking some photos yourself or having a person take photos for you of special moments that a professional photographer may not take. With having five children and many grandchildren, the weddings are full of family. I took photos of family before and after the wedding. After the wedding some group photos were taken, I asked when our family photo would be taken by the photographer. I was told, “Later.” During the reception, the photographer was busy taking photos. I asked several times when our family photo would be taken. I was told, “Later.” Our family photo was taken at the end of the reception with the bride and groom. When pictures were taken the little ones were tired and asleep, so the photo is with sleeping preschoolers. After the wedding, we were given the photographer’s link for the wedding photos, we could purchase whatever we wanted. The earlier family photos can be taken, the better. Having both families included when family photos are taken is better for all.

Yes, I have many stories to tell. The second experience starts the same: with questions. A professional wedding photographer was decided on months before the wedding. Emails were sent with a list of the photos the photographer would be taking. The day of the wedding, my phone was ready to take photos of special family moments. The photographer had the list of photos to be taken at the wedding. Both families knew they would have group family photos after the wedding ceremony. After the wedding, a coordinator helped the photographer move people in place quicker. During the family photos, a family member became angry. Normally during wedding photos, you hope everyone will be happy during the big day. Things don’t always go according to everyone’s expectation, but people normally try to be happy through the big event. One family member caused a happy occasion to turn tense. Some people who were around the anger were hurt. The photos could not end fast enough. The day moved on and we tried to make the day a happy one. When people react to something that is beyond your control, do all you can to be Christ-like and save relationships that could be damaged. After the wedding day, flashes of the wedding photos were sent to the parents and the wedding couple. This made it easier for family members to upload photos and print. The photographer also had online access to the photos with the availability to purchase photos.

The third experience with wedding photos I am sharing is totally different than the previous experiences, of course. One of the first questions is who is doing the wedding photos. It was not clear who was doing the photos. Closer to the wedding, it went back and forth if there was a photographer or not. The month before the wedding, I was informed that yes there was a photographer for the wedding. An email was forwarded to me to include family photos that I would like taken. It was nice to be included for my thoughts of family photos. The photographer’s name had not been given to me and I was unclear if I would be allowed to purchase photos. On the big wedding day, it was not clear when group photos would be taken. My phone was active before the wedding with plenty of family moments. After the wedding, group and family photos were taken in the church. I was thankful to have all family photos done at the same time. At the end of the wedding day, I was still unclear about the name of the photographer and seeing the photos he took. Professional photographers can be understandably protective of the photos they take. The month after the wedding, a flash with all the photos taken at the wedding were sent to us. This was a special surprise. I was so thankful to be given the photos of the wedding. Each family is different. There is not always a rule book for families to go by at weddings. Working together is huge at weddings for everyone involved.

The last experience I am sharing is different from all the others. As the wedding plans progressed for this wedding, I began to ask about which professional photographer was going to be chosen. The closer we moved to the wedding, the more I realized they were not using a professional photographer. Weeks before the wedding, we were informed that a person studying photography was going to be taking the wedding photos. As I began to ask more questions about when photos were to be taken, the questions went unanswered. On the day of the wedding, the camera was ready to take photos before the wedding of our family. After the wedding, we stood around waiting for when the family photos would be taken with the wedding couple. We were not told of a time or place. We went on to the reception. After the reception, we found out that family photos were taken after the ceremony, but our family were not included. We ended up with no family photos with the wedding couple. Weeks later I attempted to buy photos from the person who took the photos through a third party. It was communicated to me that photos could not be printed and purchased. At the end of weddings, sometimes we regret of how things turn out, but we must make the most of what we are given.

Why am I sharing my four experiences with you? My experiences with wedding photos are not perfect and yours may not be either. In many family events, we have certain expectations. If you read any of my experiences, it is obvious they were not always happy. With weddings, expectations and personalities from many people come into play. To have happier wedding photos at weddings, everyone must be willing to give up some expectations. We also must use that big word a lot: “flexible”. We must be flexible with the unknown, patient with the time and bear with one another. All the one another passages come into play in a wedding like love one another, forgive one another and be at peace with one another. As we work through wedding photos, move on past the hurtful and enjoy the good. Move pass the negative and enjoy the positive. Whether you have one wedding or ten weddings, make the most of the day you have been given. Every time realizing that God is sufficient to supply every need you have for each wedding day.





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