White Chocolate Munch Mix

munch mix

This is a favorite of the family. This recipe was given to me by a sweet friend, Ewen, at our church in Jackson, GA. I have altered it for our family. A great one to give away at Christmas to friends and neighbors.

White Chocolate Munch Mix

2 cups small pretzels

2 cups corn cereal

2 cups wheat cereal

2 cups rice cereal

2 cups oat cereal

1 1/2 cup  M & M’s

1 12 oz. bag of white chocolate chips

In a large bowl combine pretzels, cereals, and M & M’s. Stir in Melted white chocolate and toss to coat.

Spread mixture on wax paper on a baking sheet and put in frig for 20 minutes.

Take out and break up and put in containers.




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